Social bodies


The social bodies of SCF, which allow the management and participation in the life of the association are: 

  • Assembly of representatives of member organizations 
  • Board of Directors 
  • President 
  • Board of Auditors 
  • National Director 
The offices were renewed in October 2020 and remain in office for three years. 
The Assembly of Representatives of Member Organizations is composed of all members who participate with their legal representative or their delegate. 
The Board of Directors has ordinary and extraordinary administrative powers, which it exercises according to the general guidelines established by the Assembly. 

Board of Directors

Arduino Salatin

President and Legal Representative

Paolo Cesana

Vice president


Baord of Auditors

The Board of Auditors monitors the administrative and accounting management of the Corporation. It prepares for the Assembly the annual report to the budget and final budgets prepared by the Board of Directors.

Roberto Vianello


College members


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