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Since 1975 Scuola Centrale Formazione is a non-profit association, recognized by the Ministry of Labour as a National Training Body in accordance with Law 40/1987. 

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Our members

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About us

For over 45 years, we have been working in the field of vocational training and job transition, nationally and internationally, promoting innovation and development of best practices, international openness, social inclusion, member development and educational well-being.

Our network

Scuola Centrale Formazione network consists of 48 institutions (educational and training institutions), operating in 13 Italian regions in more than 100 total accredited centers, involving a total of 30,826 learners, adults and youth (2021 figure).

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Inclusione Scuola centrale di formazione


Scuola Centrale Formazione promotes directly or through thematic networks to which it adheres, projects and initiatives aimed at fostering the inclusion of people at risk of marginalization, whether in relation to situations of economic, social, cultural disadvantage or different types of disabilities. SCF carries out projects and educational activities on healthy and sustainable lifestyles.

Educational innovation

Scuola Centrale Formazione supports the quality and effectiveness of members’ educational programs, supporting their innovation in organizational choices and at the methodological, technological, space management and educational curriculum design levels.

innovazione didattica


The term internationalization refers to the promotion of progressive openness to transnational contacts and cooperation at the European and international levels. This is a particularly relevant strategic dimension in order to ensure educational offerings that meet the needs of global labor markets


Scuola Centrale Formazione supports its members through various initiatives: from work-based learning models, to internships and employment services that include information, guidance, training, and job accompaniment activities aimed at job placement and certification of acquired skills.


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